Act 2. Amalgam Of Madness

from by Infinite Earths



This consciousness, manifested. Hallucination
Long since withdrawn from, our human apprehension.

With no respite, my work spares life.

There is an eye, challenging me
From beyond this space and time stretched.
My mind is broken and fractured.

Purpose of man, over life.
Am I willing to die?

Are these words from me?
Or are they creeping from a deeper depth which sleeps.

Is this how men lie?

-To themselves, to lull their demons to a sleep.
Deeper than the dreamer, I vie to be nearer.

Chaotic Good, my filth and slime. x4

Black flesh made a gateway,
black ooze gushed from walls of darkness.
A blaze, this shade and shadow.
What is real is to me, is far gone and deeply buried
I can’t explain what I see.

Cyclopean slime, oh you behoove me.

This sludge of absolutes, constructing forms of men before me.
These otherworldly patrons.
Wedging their own way into my reality.
Do harbingers of ghastly being?
Bear messages from beyond my reach?

Oh you behoove me.

Out of shade cometh sludge formless, now shapes take form.
Into men wielding blades from beyond.
Fear, xenophobia. Fear, crash like waves on a broken shores.
This is what it is, to bravely take a grave new world.
I will pioneer the way, even if it means. Paving the way over your own graves...


from Into the Void, released December 2, 2016
Vocals: Maz
Guitars: Mason
Guitars: Wes
Bass: Terran
Drums: Rob



all rights reserved


Infinite Earths Orlando, Florida

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