Act 3. Chaotic Good

from by Infinite Earths



I have failed again, at that I succeed
I am, my own biggest disappointment.
I’m am in much need. For sleep.
I must be seeing things.

Perhaps even a dream.

Just one quaint dream.

I return to slumber.
I chase sleep toward these dreams
I feel such weight on my eyelids.
I leave behind what I claim to have seen.

Has my mind been lost,
Have I lost my mind in depths of sleep.

Why temper yourself to mortal flesh.
Subverience is death’s call to eternal breath.

I call on this breath, I reach light between our heaven’s gate.
Everything I’ve done, perpetuated by my present plight.

I’ve painted with my blood, I’ve done it in my piss, and shit.
What has become of me?

I have found you out, reflection of my inverted self define my nature.
Please inspire me, waning, waxing, your gumption lost in prophetic speech.
All is relative, I can taste every memory as they’re surrendered.
I will have my way, even if I have to pave it over many more graves.

We are what were, and what shall be again.
We are what were, and what shall be again.

What have I done?
What have i become?
What have I done?
What have i become?

I must not transmit these signs, these fathoms of madness amalgam.
What is writhing within me, unwelcome habitué.
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die!


from Into the Void, released December 2, 2016
Vocals: Maz
Guitars: Mason
Guitars: Wes
Bass: Terran
Drums: Rob



all rights reserved


Infinite Earths Orlando, Florida

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