Spiral From Spacetime

by Infinite Earths

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Infinie earths ça arrache, mais pas que... C'est progressif, mais pas que... C'est pour les métalleux, mais oui ! Autrement dit, cet EP fait preuve d'une grande cohérence et par la même d'une grande maturité. Très prometteur ! Favorite track: Spiral From Spacetime.
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released February 7, 2014

J.J. Mazorra (Maz) - Art / Vocals / Lyrics
Rob Weisenbarger - Drums
Terran Fernandez - Bass
Mason Miller - Guitar
Kenneth Michael Reda - Guitar / Piano / Composition

Mixed/Mastered/Recorded by Paul Hundeby, of City Pro Recording in Orlando, FL



all rights reserved


Infinite Earths Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Compliance & Complacency
Working through exhaustion.
This ever prevalent pain stake.
At the grinding stone where fingers have been lost.
He wears his failure as if it had been earned.

Working through exhaustion.
This ever permeating pay made.
As he paved his way, despite his grievances.
Compliance is complacency, as he works toward-

A way back home. The place where he first laid his head, in restitute.

Where he first began, recollected in his dreams. A notion of forgetting what was worth, remembering.

Until the day he finally finds the rest he’s deserved.

Oh fate, the changes you’ve made in this filth. On the pavement.
On the day, where he finally lays his head to rest.
To Rest.

Pray for the sun, but the sun will never come.

I can feel this flesh give between these chains.
If I only had the other half back, making a mouth to convey pain.

I can feel this flesh give between these chains.
If I only had the other half back, making a mouth to convey pain.


My refrain, as I remain.
Oh how life, was laid to waste away...
Track Name: The Godhelm
It’s as if, silhouettes of self, discontinue pervading, their separation. Summation defined by, what I describe, as inter-hemispherical, intrusions, or hemispherical refraction.
The convergence in your mind, may alter your perceptions.
Do not let fear overwhelm. This is a natural, occurrence. Simply recall this room, your body is your mind’s, tether here.

The product may elicit visions of, what one may perceive to be God. Take solace in this thought. Let it be your rock, your foundation.

To whom, does God concern?
Spiritual acumen,
science is resolution.
Man must become,
its own savior.

What does it mean to be God?
A creator? Or Our father?
Would that make us creations?
Or sons?

Well God, begets a god.
Price of resolution,
The cost for this subject.
The product, is key...
to our earthly kingdom.

Spacetime folding in my death. I feel the void pulling me in.
Vibrating within my head. X2

As my mind is opened, unbound from secular, indignation.
Perspicacity, of human experience. Has imbued me, with archaic wisdom.

Dissuaded from returning to this void in the husk. By a whim, the wiles of a woman, derivative of sugar Like flies to this corpse. I swoon, to the buzzing of the bridge, abridging this gap between self, and reality’s brim. What do we know of what reality is?
I forget the convention of breathing, breathing here, breathing is beneath me, breathing is beneath me.

Pull the plug, now!
Where did he go, how!?
I don’t know? It seems I’ve never really known.

"Apoplectic, this flux of feeling. Understanding it isn't mine yet it's imbued within me. As if.. my body was getting ready to die." -Arzamas Mortis
Track Name: When The World Was Infringed Upon
This tapestry I have spun, these trails I've blazed. Where lie my triumphs?

The quagmire, or the portrait of the end!? The quagmire! Down this hole do I descend.

This obstruction, I have constructed. Swept away by cascades of conviction. Omnipotence, prevalence, renditions of dreams that I'm dying in.

The quagmire, or the portrait of the end!? The quagmire! Down this hole do I descend.

How real it feels...
To act alone, confiding in solace.
My strength, as well as my burden. My strength, as well as my-
-Rumination, this trepidation overwhelming me.
As I leave the dream. This far from sleep.

How deep is sleep? Have long have my eyes been shut? To see the sliver in its seams.

What's real to me? The lights of guidance, or the shine that swelters the flesh under decay.

How can this be? The understanding, of energy conducted deep within me.
Track Name: Spiral From Spacetime
Broken on the way down, spiral from the spacetime.

Here, where bodies become dry.
What blood will quench the thirst of beasts.
The blood now flowing twice as thick,
Who will I leave, left to bow before me?

This image is, fallacy, as it were, this artists envisioning.
Dead lands, where bones will be displayed.
Back to dust, whence where dust hath came

Here, what actions hath wrought
These lands towards this state of decay.
Here, in the deep of the deadlands,
Oh how these dunes greet me.
Windstorm, tears the dunes. Changing me, erasing me.

It shaves away, a perception now lost in this grave.
Buried a midst these dunes, I must grind these grains,
The only thing stopping me was me...

Grind the grains
spur to dust, spur to dust, spur to dust.

Grind the grains
spur to dust, spur to dust, spur to dust, as i climb my way towards the grey!

You there, stranger. Your like me, where did your journey... begin?

You there, stranger. Your not like me, where did your journey...
where did it begin?

Where did you come from?

You should know.

Where do we go from here?

Where do I go from here?

You do, know...
Where we go from here...