Into the Void

by Infinite Earths

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Technique irréprochable, compos abouties, mélodies bien foutues, rythmiques puissantes, un petit côté Iced earth sur les parties en arpèges ; bref, vivement le double concept album ! Favorite track: Act 1. Into The Void.
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released December 2, 2016

Album Credits:

Music written and performed by Infinite Earths
Lyrics and art by Josh “Maz” Mazorra
Recording and Mixing by Alyssa Day and Justin Ahles
Mastering by Rob Caldwell

Members: Josh “Maz” Mazorra - Vocals
Mason Miller - Guitar
Wes Roman - Guitar
Rob Weisenbarger - Drums
Terran Fernandez - Bass


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Infinite Earths Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Act 1. Into The Void
Recessing into the bed spread. My head has never felt such weight.
These quandaries, such curiosity. This fountain will blooms against this fray.
Omniscience of everlasting everything. Expanding in these veins, the expanse of infinite space.

I attempt to quell this fear!
In this new light, i bathe.

Conundrum that I quantize with this shattered self.

Now I’m not spectral as I fall.

I can see, things were what would have been air.
Phantasms, passing through matter itself.

Before my outstretched hands, were three corpulent grasps clasped.
Grounding me, before everything I saw turned to black.
Though I was floating, now in darkness where I stand.

Pews come into view.
Below these seats
Jagged impalement of kneeling flesh.
Ravaged by balls of cotton and twine.
There in the darkness a pulpit stands.
Tanooki guarded mass of flesh, staring back.

A hulking mass of which I’ve never seen. It turns a shoulder to me.
Fear imbued in me, consuming what’s left of me. Humanity.

Who let you in here?
Welcome to the void.
Track Name: Act 2. Amalgam Of Madness
This consciousness, manifested. Hallucination
Long since withdrawn from, our human apprehension.

With no respite, my work spares life.

There is an eye, challenging me
From beyond this space and time stretched.
My mind is broken and fractured.

Purpose of man, over life.
Am I willing to die?

Are these words from me?
Or are they creeping from a deeper depth which sleeps.

Is this how men lie?

-To themselves, to lull their demons to a sleep.
Deeper than the dreamer, I vie to be nearer.

Chaotic Good, my filth and slime. x4

Black flesh made a gateway,
black ooze gushed from walls of darkness.
A blaze, this shade and shadow.
What is real is to me, is far gone and deeply buried
I can’t explain what I see.

Cyclopean slime, oh you behoove me.

This sludge of absolutes, constructing forms of men before me.
These otherworldly patrons.
Wedging their own way into my reality.
Do harbingers of ghastly being?
Bear messages from beyond my reach?

Oh you behoove me.

Out of shade cometh sludge formless, now shapes take form.
Into men wielding blades from beyond.
Fear, xenophobia. Fear, crash like waves on a broken shores.
This is what it is, to bravely take a grave new world.
I will pioneer the way, even if it means. Paving the way over your own graves...
Track Name: Act 3. Chaotic Good
I have failed again, at that I succeed
I am, my own biggest disappointment.
I’m am in much need. For sleep.
I must be seeing things.

Perhaps even a dream.

Just one quaint dream.

I return to slumber.
I chase sleep toward these dreams
I feel such weight on my eyelids.
I leave behind what I claim to have seen.

Has my mind been lost,
Have I lost my mind in depths of sleep.

Why temper yourself to mortal flesh.
Subverience is death’s call to eternal breath.

I call on this breath, I reach light between our heaven’s gate.
Everything I’ve done, perpetuated by my present plight.

I’ve painted with my blood, I’ve done it in my piss, and shit.
What has become of me?

I have found you out, reflection of my inverted self define my nature.
Please inspire me, waning, waxing, your gumption lost in prophetic speech.
All is relative, I can taste every memory as they’re surrendered.
I will have my way, even if I have to pave it over many more graves.

We are what were, and what shall be again.
We are what were, and what shall be again.

What have I done?
What have i become?
What have I done?
What have i become?

I must not transmit these signs, these fathoms of madness amalgam.
What is writhing within me, unwelcome habitué.
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die!
Track Name: Act 4. The Whirling Door
Doctor, we bear a missive..
Who am I working for?
The great old one of decay.

He requires components material.
You will seek out a man, of psychic prominence.

He will lead you to the rite, This gift will dowse
Dowse your way far from the snares of beguilement
His words will deter you from, a spell, to bring back our father from...

The Void… x3

This penance of carnelian, This ominous apogee.
It rings within my mind. As I traverse this whirling shade.
Track Name: Act 5. Grave New World
Now I bend like reeds in wind.
On my way toward darker days.
I’m compelled by ghosts of desire.
This new world which I must brave.

This is his plight.
Followed by light.
What’s thereafter.
Do I know my master?

I am a man compelled by will to know. Will to know!
Then out of nothing came a phallic structure into view.

Like all things architectural, it bore familiar shapes
Yet unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Never seen!

Alien symbols influenced by the golden mean.
Pulsating bricks of what one could mistake for living flesh.

Whisked away at the entrance.
Toward the heavens my ascendance.
In a glow, light enshrined.
What seemed to me to be a rite
I find my grip on granite.
I welcome gravity back.
Why tether yourself to this mortal flesh when reality lacks.

I’m a god, god incarnate.
I will know you as your self.
As you know yourself

What lies dormant will rise.
Its time is nigh. The Great Old One, of all things wrought with decay.
Wander in silence, in the nothing in me.

I can hear a voice, within monstrosity.
A murmur in the void.

Then, out agelessness, out of nothing, out of emptiness.
Recessing in the lamb, once a man.
A man once a lion, now a lion in a man’s skin.

Begun somatic rite.
In glowing lights enshrined,

These beings, surround me.
Heaven’s above us.
Revel in our experience.
Cycles collide in time.
What’s dormant will rise.

What’s this I’ve experienced?
What did I endure, am I in my right mind?
Is this divination or this the culmination of the glass roof of my sanity.
It’s breaking under the, weight of, the sun. Burden, flattens,
My mortal flesh compels me to disregard all I’ve seen. but if I give in I give up any reason to live.
And if I cease to live, then I may know what it is.

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