Act 5. Grave New World

from by Infinite Earths



Now I bend like reeds in wind.
On my way toward darker days.
I’m compelled by ghosts of desire.
This new world which I must brave.

This is his plight.
Followed by light.
What’s thereafter.
Do I know my master?

I am a man compelled by will to know. Will to know!
Then out of nothing came a phallic structure into view.

Like all things architectural, it bore familiar shapes
Yet unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Never seen!

Alien symbols influenced by the golden mean.
Pulsating bricks of what one could mistake for living flesh.

Whisked away at the entrance.
Toward the heavens my ascendance.
In a glow, light enshrined.
What seemed to me to be a rite
I find my grip on granite.
I welcome gravity back.
Why tether yourself to this mortal flesh when reality lacks.

I’m a god, god incarnate.
I will know you as your self.
As you know yourself

What lies dormant will rise.
Its time is nigh. The Great Old One, of all things wrought with decay.
Wander in silence, in the nothing in me.

I can hear a voice, within monstrosity.
A murmur in the void.

Then, out agelessness, out of nothing, out of emptiness.
Recessing in the lamb, once a man.
A man once a lion, now a lion in a man’s skin.

Begun somatic rite.
In glowing lights enshrined,

These beings, surround me.
Heaven’s above us.
Revel in our experience.
Cycles collide in time.
What’s dormant will rise.

What’s this I’ve experienced?
What did I endure, am I in my right mind?
Is this divination or this the culmination of the glass roof of my sanity.
It’s breaking under the, weight of, the sun. Burden, flattens,
My mortal flesh compels me to disregard all I’ve seen. but if I give in I give up any reason to live.
And if I cease to live, then I may know what it is.


from Into the Void, released December 2, 2016
Vocals: Maz
Guitars: Mason
Guitars: Wes
Bass: Terran
Drums: Rob



all rights reserved


Infinite Earths Orlando, Florida

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